Tap Dance at Maples Academy of Dance

Maples Dance Academy - Monday, July 16, 2018

Tap Dance at Maples Academy of Dance

Tap dancers use their feet to create a percussive rhythm as they dance. Metal taps on the bottom of their shoes, combined with intricate and detailed footwork, come together the create the energetic style and catchy sounds of tap.

The tap program at Maples Academy of Dance offers both recreational and competitive levels of training. From beginner to advanced, tap classes at Maples Academy of Dance are taught in a fun and focused manner, with a mix of barre, centre, and across the floor dance exercises.

Maples Academy of Dance has created award winning competitive tap dances, and highly entertaining recreational pieces alike, and continues to strive for tap success, with strong technique, confident performances, and an overall love for tap.

Year-end recital dances in Tap are always an audience favourite, with their unique rhythms, fast footwork, and combination of dazzling choreography.

Tap is available for dancers age 7+. Interested in taking tap? Sign up today!

young Winnipeg tap dancers
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