1. Jazz at Maples Academy of Dance Maples Dance Academy 12-Aug-2018
  2. Hip Hop at Maples Academy of Dance Maples Dance Academy 07-Aug-2018
  3. Ballet at Maples Academy of Danxe Maples Dance Academy 03-Aug-2018
  4. Lyrical at Maples Academy of Dance Maples Dance Academy 01-Aug-2018
  5. Musical Theatre at Maples Academy of Dance Maples Dance Academy 28-Jul-2018
  6. The Value of Paying for Dance Maples Dance Academy 24-Jul-2018
  7. Acro at Maples Academy of Dance Maples Dance Academy 18-Jul-2018
  8. Tap Dance at Maples Academy of Dance Maples Dance Academy 16-Jul-2018
  9. Future Stars: A Program for Young Dancers Maples Dance Academy 14-Jul-2018
  10. M.A.D. Performance Team Maples Dance Academy 11-Jul-2018
  11. Make The Most Of Your Child's Dance Experience Maples Dance Academy 08-Sep-2017
  12. Dance Class Etiquette Maples Dance Academy 03-Sep-2017
  13. Dance Teachers Go the Extra Mile for Their Students Maples Dance Academy 03-Sep-2017
  14. Dance - A Great Activity for Girls AND Boys Maples Dance Academy 21-Aug-2017
  15. Outfitting Yourself for Dance Class Maples Dance Academy 16-Aug-2017
  16. Being Part of A Dance School Community Maples Dance Academy 04-Aug-2017
  17. We Love Our Dance Family! Maples Dance Academy 01-Aug-2017
  18. I Am A Dancer Maples Dance Academy 10-May-2017
  19. Dance is a Team Sport Maples Dance Academy 17-Apr-2017
  20. Dance Hair Styles Decoded Maples Dance Academy 07-Apr-2017
Summer Camps and Dance Classes Winnipeg Dancers Will Love!

Maples Dance Academy - Sunday, March 26, 2017

Summer Camps and Dance Classes Winnipeg Dancers Will Love!

Dance Classes Winnipeg Summer Dance Summer is coming and you have a child who wants to dance, but where do you start? Looking for dance classes Winnipeg dancers will love is easier than you think! Many studios offer summer dance programs
 for dancers of all levels, at an affordable price parents will love, too!

Why You Should Choose Summer Dance Camps

For new dancers, summer dance classes are a great way to try dance for the first time. For experienced dancers, summer dance classes are a great time to try a new style of dance or keep progressing in a current style they already take. Many kids want to dance or try something new, but don’t want to commit to something for ten months. Summer dance classes allow dancers to try out a variety of dance styles, with a short time commitment, and at a fraction of the cost. On top of that, summer dance classes are a lot of fun!

Picking the Right Dance Camp

You know your child best. Has your dancer been twirling around the living room yelling out “I’m a ballerina”? If that’s the case, a hip hop camp probably isn’t the best plan! Look for camps that align with your dancer’s age, personality, and interests. When finding dance classes Winnipeg dancers will enjoy and thrive in, look for a camp that offers some variety for your dancer as well. The more variety in a summer dance program, the more exposure your dancer will have to dance in general. This helps your dancer understand his or her abilities and pick some favourite styles in the future. This makes it easier for you to register for fall classes if they wish to continue dancing past summer.

Dance Classes Winnipeg Summer Groups

How to Register for Summer Dance Classes Winnipeg Dancers Love

Registration dates vary by studio. Some dance studios open registration for summer dance classes as early as March. Keep your eyes open to local parent magazines and community forums. Remember to stay up to date with online searches and social media sites in early spring to see what camps are available. Summer dance classes often fill up quickly, so don’t procrastinate. Online registration systems make registering for dance classes easy too, so if you find summer dance classes that are a perfect fit, register online right away!

Summer Camp Was Great So Take the Next Step and Register for Fall Classes

Your dancer loved summer classes and can’t wait to sign up for more dance classes during the school year. There are a number of dance classes Winnipeg has to offer your young dancer, so if your dancer loves to dance, sign them up! There a so many benefits a dancer receives from being part of a year-long dance program.