COVID-19 Coronavirus Update - June 6, 2020

Maples Academy of Dance has resumed its phased re-opening of the studio. We've adopted a phased re-opening to ensure we can properly implement all safety measures, without rushing or missing anything. Our goal is to ensure that the return to in-person classes is a smooth, stress-free process for dancers, parents and teachers alike. 

Our Zoom classes will be continuing until the end of June, and our formal summer program will run in August. Stay tuned to our social media for more opportunities for "pop-up" style in-person classes through June and July.

With registration opening on June 8, we have made it easy to register both online and in person at the studio. We are operating at limited capacity and have space for 5 people int the waiting room at a time for in person registration. Please limit the number of people you arrive with and of course, if anyone is sick, stay home and take advantage of our online resources and registration system instead.

Please note: class sizes have been reduced for the 2020-21 season to allow for proper distancing in class. If there is a specific class you want, we recommend registering early as class availability cannot be guaranteed. 

A more comprehensive summary of our safe re-opening plan is outlined below. Stay healthy, and we’ll see you back at dance soon!





Our goal at Maples Academy of Dance has always been to provide a safe and positive dance environment for all of our dancers. As we re-open from the pandemic shut-down, the following protocols are in place for the safety of our dancers and staff, so they can continue to enjoy the benefits of regular dance programming.



  • Stay home when you’re sick. Do not come to class if you’re sick with COVID-19 symptoms, specifically cough, runny nose, or fever. If a sick dancer comes to class, they may be sent home at our discretion.

  • When entering the studio, guests are asked to maintain proper physical distancing. Hand sanitizer is available in the lobby - please use it upon entering the facility.

  • Dancers are reminded to use the washroom at home before coming class to limit public restroom use.

  • Dancers are asked to eat at home. In the event that a dancer has to eat a snack at the studio, dancers are asked to eat in the studio lobby only. Parents are asked to remind their dancers to always wash their hands before and after eating - the studio will not police this.



  • Class sizes have been reduced to allow for the recommended occupancy and physical distancing protocols. Class sizes will increase if/when public health officials deem it is safe to do so.

  • Individual dance spots will be marked on the floor to allow for appropriate physical distancing during class – Dancers are asked to remain in their assigned spots during class. There are also spots outlined in class for dancers to place their waterbottle and small dance bag.

  • Class times have been staggered to allow for a smooth transition between classes, and to reduce the number of people in the building at any given time.

  • Dancers will be asked to sanitize their hands at the start and end of their lesson.

  • Teachers will be disinfecting ballet barres, stereos and any props used between each class.

  • All dancers are asked to bring water with them from home in their own reusable water bottle. Teachers will control access at the water cooler for dancers who forget their water, by filling a disposable cup for their dancers, then disinfecting the buttons and knobs of the cooler. All public access to the water cooler will be temporarily suspended.

  • Teachers will be enforcing the dress code more strictly to ensure dancers are coming to class in clean dancewear and with their hair pulled back securely, to minimize touching of their hair and face, and limit the spread of germs between dancers and throughout the facility.

  • Partner work (lifts, hand holding etc) will be suspended in class exercises and choreography for the time being.

  • Teachers using props as part of their classes or choreography will be maintaining proper sanitization of their props accordingly (wiping handles, putting names on items for each dancer etc)



  •  Dancers and parents are asked to limit the use of the studio lobby to:

  1. Dancers waiting safely indoors for parents to arrive for pick-up;

  2. Parents with young children who cannot attend class independently, to assist them with removing   shoes and jackets and preparing to attend/leave class;

  3. Dancers who need to remain at the studio between classes, to minimize congregating in the changeroom Note: permission to remain at the studio between classes must be granted in advance by the studio directors or office manager.

  • Access to complimentary coffee and tea, as well as magazines and children’s books in the studio lobby, will be suspended for the time being.

  • The studio office has been rearranged to accommodate physical distancing requirements and to limit the amount of foot traffic and touch points beyond the new reception table in the office. Parents are asked to remain in the lobby unless attending a scheduled meeting with a studio director, teachers, or office manager.



  • Dancers are asked to arrive no earlier than 10-minutes before the start of their scheduled class time, and parents are asked to be prompt in picking their dancers up after class.

  • Dancers and parents are asked not to congregate for extended periods in the lobby or changeroom.

  • Parents of older dancers who can attend class independently are asked to remain in the car for drop-off/pick-up.



  • Parents are asked to pay by credit card or post-dated cheque wherever possible.

  • Automatic credit card payments can be set up through the studio office for dancers on the Monthly payment plan.

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