SHINE Annual Dance Showcase

Our annual dance recital, SHINE, is held at the Royal MTC John Hirsch Mainstage located at 174 Market Avenue

SHINE tickets go on sale on May 13, 2019 at 3pm in the studio office and can be paid for by cash or cheque only.  Tickets cost $20 each and are not refundable, replaceable, or exchangeable. Please note: seats located in Rows 21-34 (the balcony) are restricted to ages 5 & up and there is a "no babes in arms" policy. 

Recital consists of two parts: Rehearsal and Show.  Dancers are expected to be at both the rehearsal and show.  Everything takes place at the MTC John Hirsch Mainstage at 174 Market Avenue.

Sunday June 9, 2019 - Rehearsal – Arrive at the Theatre 9:15am

  • Rehearsal will begin promptly at 9:30am
  • Wear regular dance clothes and bring your dance shoes to change into at the theatre.
  • Rehearsal will run in the order of the show. 
  • Dancers can stay or leave after they have completed their rehearsal.  Note: this will be their only time to watch the other dancers in the show unless they watch it on DVD later, so they may want to stay.
  • It is extremely important to be at rehearsal so your dancer has a chance to run through their dance on the big stage and get their last minute instructions from their teacher before the show. 

Sunday June 9, 2019 - Show – Arrive at the Theatre at 4:45pm (show starts at 5:30pm)

  • Check your dancer in at the dressing room door (signs will direct you where to go).  They will be assigned a dressing room for the show and dancers will be escorted down to their dressing room area by Maples Academy of Dance Staff. 
  • Arrive ready to perform – costume on and makeup and hair done according to instructions that came with your costume.

Other information:

  • Please remember all of our dancers have worked very hard on their dances this year so missing the rehearsal or show not only prevents your dancer from showing off their superstar work, but also makes it more difficult for the other dancers in the class to perform with a person missing. 
  • If your dancer is late, their group will go on stage without them – the show order will not be changed or held to wait for you for rehearsal or during the show.  
  • Dancers are expected to stay until the end of the show.  If, in special circumstances, your dancer must leave mid-show, please let the office know in writing by June 1, 2019.  The backstage door will not be opened during the show so if a dancer needs to leave, special arrangements must be made ahead of time.
  • When arriving for the show, dancers must check in at the dressing room door (signs will direct you where to go). 
  • Once checked in, dancers are supervised by parent volunteers and staff in the back stage area until the end of the show.  Young dancers are provided with backstage activities including coloring, music, movies, and games.  Older dancers tend to be busy with multiple dances, as well as assisting with the younger dancers.
  • During the show, the backstage area is extremely busy.  Only parent volunteers and M.A.D. staff are permitted back stage until the end of the show.  Once the show is over, parents are welcome to come pick up their dancers.
  • If you have any questions for your dancer’s teacher or the studio Directors, please ask them before rehearsal /recital day.  Rehearsal and Recital day require M.A.D. Staff to be backstage with their students, making them unavailable until the end of the rehearsal/show.

If you have any questions about recital, please stop by the office or call 204-697-9205 today to make sure you have all the details you need to help recital day run smoothly for you and your dancer.