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SHINE Dance Recital

Seven Oaks Performing Arts Center (SOPAC) - 711 Jefferson Ave
June 15, 2024

Tickets: $25 - tickets go on sale on May 15, 2024 at 4:00pm

Maples Academy of Dance’s annual year-end dance recital provides an opportunity for all of our dancers to showcase their talent and hard work in a professional dance setting. It is fun, exciting, and most important, an opportunity for each and every Maples Academy of Dance superstar to SHINE!


Recital consists of two parts: Rehearsal and Performance. Everything takes place at SOPAC. All the recital details you need are available in our recital handbook.



Saturday June 15, 2024

Location: Seven Oaks Performing Arts Centre (711 Jefferson Ave, Winnipeg)
Time: 9:30am (dancers arrive at 9:15am)


What to bring: Dancers should arrive in regular practice clothes and bring all their dance shoes with them. Costumes, performance hair, and stage make-up are not required for rehearsal.

Other Information: Rehearsal should last approximately 2-3 hours and will run in the order of the show. Dancers are free to leave once they have practiced their dance(s), unless they want to stay and watch the other dancers, as they will not be able to watch during the actual show. Please arrive on time. Rehearsal will not be held to wait for late/absent dancers.


Saturday June 15, 2023

Location: Seven Oaks Performing Arts Centre (711 Jefferson Ave, Winnipeg)

Time: 5:00pm (dancers should arrive at 4:30pm)

What to bring: Dancers should arrive with their hair and make-up performance ready as indicated on their costume slip, costume on, and shoes in hand/in their bag for their performance. Dancers in multiple dances, should come ready for their first dance, with all other costumes/shoes organized and ready for the show.

Other Information: Upon checking in, dancers will be escorted to their dressing room by a Maples Academy of Dance staff member. Dancers will be supervised throughout the show by our team of superstar show volunteers. Dancers can be picked up from the check-in area following the final bow at the end of the show. For the safety of all performers, only authorized volunteers and staff are permitted in the backstage and change room area. Please arrive on time for the show. Recital will not be held to wait for late/absent dancers


The show has assigned seating and all people in attendance, including children, require a ticket. For fire regulations and insurance of the show, there is a no babes in arms policy. Please note: performers do not require a ticket.

Ticket Cost: Single show $25 per person

Tickets can be paid for by cash, cheque payable to Maples Academy of Dance, or credit card. 

Please note: Tickets cannot be replaced if lost or stolen. Full season MAD dancers do not require a ticket as they will be backstage during the show.

Recital Show USB

Keep your recital memories forever with a copy of the show you can watch for years to come. Show USBs can be ordered through the studio for a cost of $20. This is a great keepsake for you and your dancer.

Contact the studio today to get an order form. USBs can also be ordered at the same time you purchase your recital tickets.

Recital Tips

  • Label your dancer’s shoes, dance costumes, bags, etc with their name on the inside tags of each item.

  • Dancers are permitted to have water in a sealable, re-usable bottle backstage. If your dancer requires a snack, please send a nut free, non-perishable snack like a granola bar or fruit snack in your dancer’s bag. Snacks are not provided backstage for the dancers and parent volunteers are not responsible for assisting with snacks.

  • Do not send valuables backstage with your dancer. This includes phones, tablets, iPods, money, etc, as the backstage area is very hectic. Maples Academy of Dance cannot monitor dancer’s personal items and will not be held responsible for lost or broken goods.

  • Backstage activities, like dvd’s games, colouring/activity books are provided for the dancers to keep them entertained while they wait their turn to perform.

  • Teachers and Studio Directors are very busy during recital weekend. Many teachers are responsible for upwards of 12-13 dances and countless dancers in each of their dances. Please ensure any questions you have are cleared up in advance of recital weekend.

  • Please note: Recital weekend is busy for studio staff. Emails, phone calls, and messages on social media will be replied to as soon as a staff member is available to do so.


We rely greatly on our recital volunteers to help the show run smoothly. We’ll be looking for parents, family, friends, and even older dance siblings to help out for Recital Weekend.


The volunteer commitment is short, approximately 3 hours and volunteer roles include ushers, dressing room monitors, and show runners. An official volunteer sign-up sheet will be posted in the lobby in May, but if you already know you want to help, please let the office know. Trust us, It’s a lot of fun!


Thank you in advance to all of our superstar volunteers who make it possible for all Maples Academy of Dance dancers to Shine at recital.



Recital and performance team costumes are ordered each December and begin arriving in February and March. Costumes are sent home with the dancers after spring break. It is extremely important that your costumes are taken care of.

Costumes are worn during performances, NOT dance class. See our dress code for what to wear to dance classes.

Costume Care

It is very important that your costumes are taken care of so that they stay in great shape for pictures and recital – they should not be worn other than for pictures, recital, or to do any adjustments as outlined below.  You may find that some costumes will need to be steamed to unwrinkle them (do not iron!) or that straps need to be adjusted and sewn in to ensure that the bodysuit properly fits your dancer.  Please take the time before picture day to ensure that you have steamed your costumes or adjusted and sewn straps in place - there will not be time on picture day for your child’s teacher or office staff to do this.  If you are unsure of what to do when it comes to straps or steaming, or you have any other questions about the care of your costume, please come in and discuss this with us in the office (well before picture day).  Instructions for steaming are below.

How to steam my costume

Most costumes are made of delicate material that must be steamed rather than ironed to unwrikle the fabric.  If you iron them, they could melt or burn.  If you don’t have a clothes steamer, here is another way to steam your costume and still keep it in great shape:

  • Hang the costume on a hanger in your bathroom, without it being in the shower (such as the curtain rod, towel rack, hook on the back of the shower door)

  • Turn the shower on very hot, to try and create steam that will fog up your bathroom mirror, and leave the costume there in the steamy bathroom;  then leave the costume in the bathroom for a day or two – it should unwrinkle over a few days, each time it experiences steam from someone’s shower

  • If the costume doesn’t unwrinkle after a few days of shower steam, try spraying the costume with water using a spray mist bottle, and give it a few more days in the bathroom

Hair and Make-up

Hair and make-up are just as much a part of a dancer's costume as the clothes they wear on stage.  When your dancer receives his or her costume, they'll also receive a slip indicating hair and make-up details for their dance.  If you have any questions about how to properly do hair/make-up, don't hesitate to ask, or check out these great tutorials:


See our FAQ, stop by the studio office in person, or reach out digitally on our contact page.

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