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The ultimate team of superstars! The Maples Academy of Dance Performance Team is a family of superstars training and performing at an elite level. The team program aims to develop dancers as a whole, with a focus on strong technique, self-confidence and respect, healthy lifestyles, and positivity, along with enhanced competitive performance opportunities.

Dancers on the Performance Team put in countless extra hours to prepare for their performances and to be able to represent themselves and the M.A.D. team to the best of their ability, both on and off stage. The goal of the team is to identify dancers who are dancing at an elite level and give them training, performance and competitive opportunities beyond the normal scope of a recreational dance program.

The 2025 Performance Team will be attending the following dance competitions: On The Floor and Canadian National Dance Championships. A third competition is still to be confirmed.


The Performance Team is an invitational team, with selections based on a number of criteria including in class testing scores, strong work ethic, excellent attendance and preparation for class, and a positive, team driven attitude.

Dancers are selected for additional Solo, Duet, Trio and extra group dances during our Elite Auditions in June.

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