Dance Registration 

2022-2023 Dance Program


Program fees include 5% GST in the price.
Additional Fees include: Costume Fees: 
$85.00 per class costume and $25 Registration Fee at time of registration.


Annual Payment - All class fees and costume fees paid at the time of registration. Registration fee is waived. 

Term Installment Payment - All costume fees, registration fee and 50% of class fees paid at the time of registration. Remaining 50% of class fees due in January.

Monthly Installment Payment - All Costume Fees, Registration Fee, and first installment fee paid at time of registration; remaining 8 installment fees paid the first week of each month from October – May.

*Late payments subject to $5 late fee.

**NSF cheques subject to $25 NSF fee.

Summer Dance 

Age 3-6 Future Star Summer Dance Classes

Three-day class blocks in July and August designed specifically for your Future Star dancer age 3-6.

  • Cost per class block $50 +GST

Age 7+ Superstar Summer Drop-In Classes

Join us for drop in classes on Tuesdays in July and August. Each class will offer a different style of dance.

  • Age 7-10 from 5:30pm-6:30pm

  • Age 11-17 from 6:30pm-7:30pm

  • Cost per drop in: $15 +GST

Class styles are as follows:

  • Tap

  • Ballet

  • Lyrical

  • Broadway & Musical Theatre

  • Hip Hop

  • Jazz

About Our Summer Dance Programs
The summer dance program at Maples Academy of Dance is designed to create a fun and inclusive environment for all of our dancers to learn in. We focus on providing physical activity, creativity, education and a lot of fun in each lesson, ensuring dancers of all levels can embrace their love for dance and show off the superstar they are! 

Parent & Tot 
Dance Programs

Parent & Tot Program

Tiny Tiptoes Parent and Tot Dance Class

This creative movement class is perfect for parents and tots (age 12-36 months) to take together. Tiny Tiptoes will help children develop movement skills, a love for music, creativity, and socialization, while also providing parents with a fun setting to interact with other parents, a bonding activity to do with their child, and wonderful way to get exercise. Tiny Tiptoes incorporates stories, movement, and music to help children and parents come together through dance.

New Session coming soon!

Classes are facilitated by Shauna Jurczak, Kinesiologist and Professional Dance Educator

Interested in Baby Wearing Fitness Classes? Please contact us. With enough interest we will hold Baby Wearing Fitness and Baby Wearing Barre classes.

SUPERSTAR DANCE CLASSES are designed to teach the foundations of dance in a fun and specialized dance environment. Dancers are broken down into groups by age to foster age-appropriate learning with their peers. When registering for our Superstar classes, please register your dancer according to age as of November 30th of this year.

2 Classes
3 Classes
4 Classes
5+ Classes
5+ Classes
4 Classes
3 Classes
2 Classes

ELITE SUPERSTAR DANCE CLASSES are invitational, competitive dances classes geared toward performance on the elite competitive stage. Classes run once per week for 45 minutes from November to May. Dancers registered for the Elite Superstar program are required to commit to participating in competitions and must also take their regular Superstar Classes concurrently.