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Acro Dance

Updated: May 3, 2020

Acro dance combines athletic acrobatic elements with dance elements and choreography. While it incorporates gymnastic elements, it is not a gymnastics class. Instead, dancers in Acro learn unique balance, tumbling, and partner skills that they can combine with dance choreography to create fun and entertaining performance dance pieces.

Acro dance

The Acro program at Maples Academy of Dance is led by Miss Shauna, a former National level gymnast and gymnastics coach. Training in acro helps dancers build strength, flexibility, body awareness, advanced movement patterns, and confidence. Our dance school offers 2 levels of acro classes – one for entry level and developing acro athletes, and one for more advanced skill sets.

Acro pieces are always a crowd pleaser, with eye catching movements, fun concepts, and creative choreography. On the competitive stage, our acro pieces have been recognized with judge’s choice awards for their clean execution of acro elements.

Do you have a dancer who likes to turn upsides down? Maybe a dancer who wants to push his or her limits by adding acro skills to their list? Challenge them with acro dance!

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