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Dance Lessons - Great for Girls AND Boys!

Updated: May 3, 2020

Dance lessons have traditionally been seen as an activity for girls, but that is an old stigma that needs to change! The Winnipeg Free Press recently featured us highlighting the benefits of dance for everyone.  Signing boys and girls up for dance lessons has a wealth of benefits that can’t be overlooked!

dance lessons for girls and boys

Dance Lessons Build Confidence and Social Skills

Whether you’re a boy or girl, dance lessons build confidence. Dance is a fun, positive place to be. Teachers help encourage dancers, celebrate their accomplishments, and make them feel like a part of a team.

Kids enrolled in dance lessons also learn social skills. For young children, this is extremely important. When both boys and girls attend dance class, it fosters a unified social approach, where girls and boys are accepted, encouraged, and supported equally.

Dance Lessons Help With Coordination and Brain Development

Studies have proven time and again that dance lessons aid with brain development. Counting, memory, and creative stimulus are all an important part of dance class, that also help to strengthen the developing brains of all young boys and girls.

Coordination is a skill that, once learned, can last through to adulthood. Putting your son or daughter into dance lessons helps pave the way for a coordinated future. Learning balance, coordination, and flexibility in dance class as a child, will help improve those same skills in adulthood, keeping your son or daughter strong, fit and healthy.

Dance Lessons Help with Other Sports

Is your child a future NHL player? Then ballet will help develop the core stability, balance, and flexibility needed to excel on the ice. Perhaps you have a future World Cup Footballer on your hands. If so, dance helps teach agility and proper pivot and footwork techniques.

The list goes on when looking at how dance can help athletes in other sports. Registering your child for dance lessons will help enhance participation in all activities. Regardless of the sport he or she chooses, the training learned in dance creates functional movement patterns that cross over many fields of play, creating a stronger overall athlete.

Dance is also a great cross training activity for athletes in other sports. Cross training with dance helps athletes reduce overuse injuries in sport, balance out muscle development, and enhance flexibility and stability.

Dance Lessons are Fun

Dance is fun. There is music, movement, characterization, and personality development.  Don't let your child miss out on the superstar opportunities dance can bring them! Register your child for dance lessons and watch him or her thrive!

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