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Dance Safe with Maples Academy of Dance

We're heading into post-pandemic life - what an exciting time! As things re-open and kids start to return to the activities they love, like dance, it's important to do so safely. That is why we're committed to following guidelines set out by Dance Safe Manitoba and following a Dance Safe approach to our programs.

What is Dance Safe? Simply put, Dance Safe is a commitment to providing dance classes in a safe and organized environment for our dancers, so they can experience the physical and mental benefits of dance, free from worry of exposure to covid-19. As we continue to work our way towards a post-pandemic life, we understand Covid-19 is still around us. By implementing our Dance Safe policies, we’re able to limit exposure to the virus for all of our dancers, teachers, and their families and loved ones. This means our dancers can focus on having fun, being active, and connecting with their peers and mentors, and not having to worry about the virus during dance class.

While nothing is 100% perfect, studios that have followed Dance Safe protocols throughout the pandemic have been able to operate safely, without spread of the virus occurring in their facility and among their participants.

Dance Safe protocols - What to Expect?

Dance Safe protocols are not much different than what you’d see in other public establishments. These include:

  • Tracking/screening dancers who attend the facility

  • Mask use

  • Hand sanitizing upon entry and exit

  • Multiple sanitizing stations throughout the facility

  • Staying home (or being sent home) if sick

  • Regular facility cleaning of high touch areas like doors, restrooms and chairs

Other dance specific protocols include:

  • A gridded dance floor, providing each dancer with a minimum of 6-feet of individual dance space, as well as a space to keep their belongings

  • Cleaning of each dance room between classes

  • Smaller class sizes

  • No sharing of props during activities

And thanks to these simple steps taken each day, we can continue to provide:

  • Fun and energetic classes

  • Proper technical dance training

  • A welcoming environment for dancers to grow, succeed and have fun

  • A place to get exercise and be creative

  • The valuable opportunity to dance

Are you ready to Dance Fun and Dance Safe?

We are proud to provide a safe dance facility for our dancers and look forward to dancing together in the upcoming dance season. We are equipped to provide safe classes and are ready to adjust our protocols, if needed, based on public health advice. This preparedness ensures our staff can give you - our dancers - the best classes possible.

So only one question remains: Are you ready to dance fun and Dance Safe? We are! Let’s dance!


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