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Updated: Sep 6, 2023

We keep hearing about the “New Normal”, but what does that mean? Reemerging from the pandemic shutdown poses many uncertainties for families, but also leaves many with a sense of hope to keep moving forward for the better.

Temporarily shutting our doors because of the pandemic was heart-breaking. It was a frightening time. Facing a fairly unknown virus was scary. In dance studios, teachers and dancers were struggling with the added feeling of loss and sadness, as well: the loss of a dance season, months of hard work, their passion for an activity they love, and the person to person connection they had between students and teachers. Sure, it may seem small in comparison to a pandemic, but big or small, it still matters.

Dancers lost their weekly activity. A sense of normal routine they looked forward to. Doing something they loved, with friends who made them smile, and teachers who helped them see the best in themselves. For many, dance was their thing that made them feel proud, excited, and determined. Their dance friends and teachers made them feel supported, accepted, and capable. Coming to the dance studio was like a second home, filled with a happy family.


It’s not lost forever. We’re excited to have re-opened our doors, just in-time for the launch of our fall registration season and summer dance classes. Yes, in-person summer and fall classes!

Resuming dance together might look as little different at the start, but our promise to provide fun, high quality dance classes remains. The sense of family and home remains. The passion and love of dance remains. And while it may seem strange to resume normal activities, we hope dance makes it easier for our dancers and dance families to move forward, in a safe, healthy, and positive way.

As we dance our way into our new normal we have made some adjustments to ensure the health and well-being of our dancers while they’re at dance class.


  • Class sizes have been reduced to allow for the recommended occupancy and physical distancing protocols. Class sizes will only increase if/when public health officials deem it is safe to do so.

  • Individual dance spots will be marked on the floor to allow for appropriate physical distancing during class. Dancers are asked to remain in their assigned spots during class. There are also spots outlined in class for dancers to place their water bottle and small dance bag.

  • Class times have been staggered to allow for a smooth transition between classes, and to reduce the number of people in the building at any given time.

  • Dancers will be asked to sanitize their hands at the start and end of their lesson.

  • Teachers will be disinfecting ballet barres, stereos and any props used between each class.

  • All dancers are asked to bring water with them from home in their own reusable water bottle. Teachers will control access at the water cooler for dancers who forget their water, by filling a disposable cup for their dancers, then disinfecting the buttons and knobs of the cooler. All public access to the water cooler will be temporarily suspended.

  • Teachers will be enforcing the dress code more strictly to ensure dancers are coming to class in clean dancewear and with their hair pulled back securely, to minimize touching of their hair and face, and limit the spread of germs between dancers and throughout the facility.

  • Partner work (lifts, hand holding etc) will be suspended in class exercises and choreography for the time being.

  • Teachers using props as part of their classes or choreography will be maintaining proper sanitization of their props accordingly (wiping handles, putting names on items for each dancer etc)


It may seem like a lot of changes, but they are easy, common-sense ways to help everyone stay healthy as we return to dance. Before you know it, they won’t even feel like changes. Even better, amidst all the changes, we’re happy to continue to provide you with many of the things you’ve come to know and love from dance class:

  • Upbeat, enthusiastic teachers, providing fun and professional dance classes to all their students.

  • Structured classes designed to teach dancers skills and technique in the dance styles they love.

  • An organized schedule of classes, offering styles and levels for dancers based on age and skill level.

  • Competitive opportunities for dancers striving to take their training and performance to an elite level.

  • An outlet for your energetic young dancer in a fun activity that helps keep the body and mind strong and healthy.

  • High quality, affordable performance costumes.

  • Affordable tuition fees, with options to pay on monthly, term, or annual payment plans.

  • Fun and beneficial fundraising opportunities to help keep the cost of dance low.

  • A fun and entertaining year-end performance.

  • A supportive community of dancers, teachers and parents helping to keep everyone positive, motivated and encouraged, as they grow and succeed on and off the dance stage.

We know how difficult adjusting to a pandemic shut down was for everyone. We also know how challenging it may feel to try to find a sense of normal again. While dance isn’t life, so to say, it is an important part of the lives of those who love to dance. We look forward to bringing your passion, joy, and excitement back as we dance our way into a new, and hopefully, an even better normal.

See you soon, dancers!


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