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Future Stars: A Program for Young Dancers

Updated: May 3, 2020

The Future Stars program at Maples Academy of Dance is designed specifically for our young dancers, age 3-6 years old. Broken down into three levels, Future Stars dancers learn in a positive and fun environment with dancers their same age. The goal of the Future Stars program is to help dancers learn age appropriate dance technique, while enhancing general movement patterns, and social and emotional development.

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The syllabus for the Future Stars program was created by the Directors at Maples Academy of Dance. It ensures young dancers are taught appropriate dance technique at a level that allows dancers to learn both dance skills and basic movement skills to help in all sports or movement activities a child may take on. The Future Stars class also strives to grow a dancer’s confidence and feelings of accomplishment, while also developing creativity and social skills at a young age.

Dancers in Future Stars program take one-hour of dance each week, learning a combination of ballet, tap, and overall creative body movement. With a balance of technical exercises, warm-up and cool down games, and choreography, the Future Stars program is an asset to the physical and cognitive development of all young dancers.

Interested in signing your dancer up for Future Stars? Register today!

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