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I Am A Dancer…

We hope this short blurb can remind all of our dancers just how amazing they are. As dancers, we do a lot, and are capable of even more thank we think we are. Never forget that you are a star!

I am a dancer. I am strong and flexible. I am balanced and graceful.

I am a dancer. I move through life in counts of 8. I know “One more time” means TEN more times. (And I’m ok with that!)

I’m a dancer. I am determined and motivated. I am constantly improving and learning.

I am a dancer. My dance friends are my family, dance competitions are my vacations, and the dance studio is my second home.

I am a dancer. I am mentally strong and focused.

I am a dancer. I have closets full of old costumes that I'll never get rid of, and I can put my hair in a perfect bun in minutes.

I am a dancer. I am passionate and talented, and my movement is beautiful.

I am a dancer. I am amazing. I am a superstar.

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