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Updated: May 3, 2020

You've probably heard the phrase “Jazz Hands” but Jazz dance is so much more than that. So what is Jazz dance really about?

Jazz is a fun, upbeat, technical, and energetic form of dance. Incorporating leaps, turns, floor work, and more, jazz is fun for dancers to dance, as well as for audiences to watch.

The Jazz dance program at Maples Academy of Dance continues to thrive, with dancers exploring skills and choreography in a variety of styles from Contemporary, to Fosse, to Latin Jazz. Known for their entertaining performances, infectious facial expressions, and exciting team spirit, Maples Academy of Dance jazz dancers are true crowd-pleasers.

Jazz is a style dancers of all ages can enjoy. With jazz dance classes for both recreational and competitive dancers age 7 and up, Maples Academy of Dance offers many training opportunities for Jazz dancers.

Interested in Jazz? Sign up for class today!

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