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Why Summer Dance? Because Summer Dance Means Summer Fun!

Summer is often a time for family fun, beach days, and barbecues. Why not also make it a time to try new things and brush up on some old skills too?

Cue the summer dance camp drum roll! Drrrrruuuummmmm Rooollllll…….Summer dance camps are perfect for this!

Dance teachers often stress the importance of summer dance, knowing how valuable a summer program is for the body and mind of all dancers. But dancers shouldn’t just take class because their teacher tells them too. Instead, they should take summer classes because they want to experience the wonderful benefits and fun that comes with a summer dance camp. Whether you’re a new or returning dancer, there are a handful of excellent reasons to sign up to dance this summer.

In general, summer dance classes offer a great, low commitment, lost cost, introduction to dance for new dancers or dancers looking to learn a new style or brush up on their skills.

For pre-school age dancers, parents often wonder if their child will like dance, or any activity for that matter. That is one of the things that makes a pre-school camp so great! Dancers get to take a few classes, giving them a taste of what dance class is like: the style and movement patterns, socialization, meeting their teachers, and getting introduced to the routine of being in dance class. If they love it, perfect! If not, there is no lost commitment or major financial impact.

For kids and teens who are new to dance, camps are a fantastic way to start dancing. Some dancers start dance at age 3 and know what styles they prefer to do by the age of 7. Others start when they are 14 and haven’t yet had a chance to experience the difference between jazz and hip hop movements or know if they’ll like tap more than ballet. Summer camps offer classes in a variety of dance styles, while giving kids and teens some fun exercise and beneficial social time with new friends at the same time.

For current dancers summer camps are equally as wonderful, too. You've probably heard about how important it is to “go back to the basics”. Summer classes offer experienced dancers an opportunity to get back to the basics of dance technique and choreography. With no recitals or competitions to prepare for, dancers get a chance to dance for fun, work on technique, maintain and improve their current skill set, and learn some new choreography. It’s also a great way for dancers to re-condition their muscles and minds after taking some time off during the early summer months, better preparing them to return to regular classes in September.

For all dancers, on top of learning something new and brushing up on old skills, summer camp also means summer fun! More than ever, this element is key! After so many activities came to an abrupt end this past spring, getting active, moving to music, safely socializing with like-minded peers in a positive environment, and having fun, are extremely valuable and something all dancers deserve now more than ever.

Now let’s leave the talking behind and start dancing together this summer. See you in class!

*In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Maples Academy of Dance has structured safe summer camps to ensure all dancers are able to achieve the benefits of dance class while remaining healthy during this time.

We’ve reduced class sizes to operate at 50% capacity, gridded out 6-foot spots for each dancer to participate in while safeguarding appropriate physical distancing, enhanced cleaning measures before and after each class, and set up hand cleaning stations throughout the facility.

All dancers are asked to self-screen in advance of coming to class and to stay home if they are ill. Dancers coming to class with COVID-19 symptoms will be sent home at the studio’s discretion.

Please take a moment review our video below for updated instructions on how to come to class safely.


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