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April 2020 eNews - Staying well together

Updated: May 3, 2020

Staying well through COVID-19

As we continue to navigate our way through these unprecedented times, Maples Academy of Dance continues to strive to be a positive member of our dance community. We're working with other local dance studios to find best practices to move forward from COVID-19 together, and looking ahead to ensure we can serve our dance family as best we can for the future, beyond this pandemic. Using social media connections, email, and virtual dance classes, we are doing our best to stay connected and provide programming and support to our dancers and their families. Please don’t be a stranger – we love your messages, likes, comments, and shares! As we work to stay up-to-date on information regarding our re-opening, we’ll keep you updated. More information is included in this eNews in regard to cancelled or postponed events. Of course, the health and safety of our dancers and extended dance families is the most important thing. As such, we remind everyone to continue to make hand washing and personal hygiene a priority. Prevent the spread of germs by practicing proper physical distancing and coughing/sneezing into your elbow. Eat healthy and get active - it’s amazing what you can do in your living room or yard! Most important, stay positive and connected.

Facility Temporarily Closed

The government has put in place a mandatory shut down of all non-essential businesses until April 14, 2020. As such, Maples Academy of Dance will remain closed, with classes suspended, until at least April 14, 2020. The studio office will be closed, but we can be reached by email. As we make our way through the next few weeks, we hope everyone does their part to keep our community safe and well, so we can resume classes as soon as possible. At this time, our intention is to resume classes and extend our programs until the end of June, providing we get the go-ahead to do so.

Picture Day Postponed

Our dance class picture week, originally scheduled for April 13-18, 2020, has been postponed. A new date has not been scheduled yet. For anyone who has pre-ordered pictures, we will hang onto your order forms and payments until we know more.


At this time, Recital is still scheduled for June 13 and 14, 2020, pending both on our ability to resume classes in preparation for recital and the theater's ability to re-open and host events safely. We encourage all dancers to review their choreography at home, and follow along with the Dance at Home videos. This will help everyone stay fit and keep choreography in everyone's muscle memory and minds, making it easier to get back into class when we can, and ready to shine on stage.

Dance at Home Virtual Dance Classes

While we may not be able to hold traditional dance classes in the studio right now, our virtual dance videos are here to help our dancers stay on top of their skills, technique, and overall fitness and flexibility. We understand virtual dance classes are not perfect, but we hope they help keep our dancers connected to their love of dance, and most important, keep them dancing wherever and whenever they can.

We have traditional classes & combos, yoga, dance conditioning, flexibility, and technique - so you can take as many classes as you want. This is the perfect time to take that ballet or jazz class you've been wanting to try! An email was previously sent out with the link and login information for our virtual Dance at Home classes.

Summer Dance Programs

Registration for our 2020 summer program has been put on hold to ensure we can focus on our current programs at Maples Academy of Dance. We know many of our current and prospective students love summer dance. Please be patient as we plan the best summer options possible.

Performance Team

We hope all of our PT Dancers have been staying positive and practicing hard at home. To date, Leap and View are still scheduled. We are closely watching the situation in the USA, including their country’s health protocols, border closures, and Leap’s competition plans in general as the competition comes closer. Please note: even if the event is not cancelled, we will not attend Leap unless it is absolutely safe to do so. View is staying in contact with all dance studios on a weekly basis. With our Winnipeg competition scheduled at the end of May, we’re still hopeful that we’ll be able to get on stage at View 2020. If View cannot hold their event in May, they have a tentative date for a postponed competition for August 22-25, 2020 at the RBC Convention Centre. Stay positive PT. Your hard work and dedication matters and we are so proud of you all. Remember, even in tough times, you are born to SHINE!

Superstar Shout Out!

We'd like to give a huge superstar shout out to our extended dance family members who are doctors, nurses, school teachers, grocery store workers, and other essential workers. You are AMAZING! Thank you for being so strong and dedicated! We'd also like to shout out these resilient, positive, inspiring, and overall amazing dancers. We often talk to our dancers about being a big dance family and how important it is to be there for each other through both the good and bad times. This picture summarizes what it means to be a MAD superstar. Thank you, dancers, for brightening our day and reminding us what matters!

Winnipeg Dance Family

Do you know a member of our dance family who deserves a superstar shout out for the great things they're doing? Tell us about it!


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