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Community Dance Programs

Updated: May 3, 2020

Yes, we register our kids for dance to give them a positive physical activity. But even more important is finding a community dance program in Winnipeg that gives inclusion. Finding a good dance community has so many benefits to both young dancers and their parents, and it goes beyond the training they receive as dancers. In fact, while training is important, finding a good dance community you feel proud to be a part of is even more important. So what is it that makes dancers hold a sense of life-long pride for their dance school?

A Strong Community and a Second Home

recreational dance programs

They say it takes a village to raise a child, and a dance school tends to be the hub of the community! In your community, your dance school provides support, encouragement, a happy meeting place, and helps the future of the community (our kids) grow and flourish. In a good Winnipeg dance program, dancers truly see the dance studio as their second home and a part of their extended family. The support and backing this gives to young children has an extremely positive impact on their emotional well-being and development. It also helps parents by giving them a social circle with support and acceptance among parents who have children with similar interests.


In a positive Winnipeg dance program, teachers promote friendship and a sense of team. They encourage healthy competition and respect, together. Young dancers often make their best friends in dance class. Parents also make friends. The positive relationships that are fostered at the dance school often resonate outside of dance class, and teach dancers to be strong team players, great role models, and develop excellent, life-long relationships with a great group of people.


While friendship and community are invaluable to the development of young dancers, it’s also important to highlight the value of a professional studio, with professional and trained staff guiding the young dancers. A high level of professionalism will ensure values like respect, accountability, and hard work are taught in conjunction with high level dance training, and in turn become second nature to all dancers.


The more opportunities a dancer has the more they can thrive. And in that process, their sense of self confidence and pride grow too. Opportunities, like special community performances, workshops, and competitions all positively impact dancers. As dancers take hold of more opportunities, and their sense of self pride grows, so does their pride for their studio. Those feelings are everlasting and provide great memories, and social media pictures that your kids will share with their kids and grand-kids in the future.

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