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We Love Our Dance Family!

Updated: May 3, 2020

Nothing is more valuable than being part of a kind, caring, and supportive dance community. At a dance studio, the dancers, dance parents, dance teachers, and other dance supporters, become part of a “dance family”.  Needless to say, being part of a positive community creates bonds that last a lifetime, and instills a pairing of confidence and pride, that will stay with dancers and their supporters well beyond the stage.

At Maples Academy of Dance, we place a high value on the concept of family. Our staff takes pride in watching their students grow as dancers and people, and understand the importance of being part of a team that helps foster a positive environment for all of our dancers to thrive in. So, we want to know what makes being part of the dance family special or valuable to you. We encourage any past or current dancers, dance parents, teachers, and supporters, to send us a short write-up, letting us know why the dance family at Maples Academy of Dance is the BEST! 

Feel free to share your stories with us on our Facebook page, on your own Instagram (but remember tag us @maplesdancewpg and hashtag #MaplesAcademyOfDance), or by emailing us.

As your testimonials flow in, we look forward to sharing them on our website and social media. Your submissions can be anonymous or we can include your name and any photos you want to include. Just let us know!  

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