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Winnipeg Dance School

Updated: May 3, 2020

Maples Academy of dance is proud and honoured to work with amazing superstars each year.  We're dedicated to fostering our student's growth as dancers, and as young people in general, in a positive, family friendly, atmosphere.

Like all dance schools in Winnipeg, we strive to provide quality, fun dance programs for our dancers.  So what makes us stand out and go the extra mile?

Moderate Class Sizes

Our class sizes are designed to create a fun environment, where no one gets missed, and everyone has a chance to shine.  Not too big and not to small, our dancers have the opportunity to make friends, learn dance theory and technique, get to know their teacher, and have fun in the dance studio.

Experienced Instructors

Our dance instructors come from a variety of backgrounds, and are an integral part of our programming.

Following the Maples Academy of Dance syllabus, created specifically for our Winnipeg dance school, our teachers put in countless hours to lesson plan, cut music, and create choreography that allow their dancers shine onstage.  Our experienced dance teachers bring a high level of knowledge, energy, and a dancer-centered focus to each class.

Varying Levels

Our class levels are split up in a variety of ways, to ensure we can accommodate as many students as possible.  Offering both recreational and competitive level Winnipeg dance classes designed age, level, and style, helps our dancers accomplish all their goals. 


We understand that dance can be expensive. We try to keep our prices affordable, without sacrificing the quality of our Winnipeg dance school, its facility, instructors, costume choices, or overall dance experience.

Family Oriented

We are a family run dance school in Winnipeg, and we strive to foster a positive family-friendly atmosphere.  All of our students and their family become part of our larger dance family.  We are connected, supportive, and caring.  

We put a great value on our dance family and look forward to it growing each year.

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