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The Value of Paying for Dance

Updated: May 3, 2020

As we move through the busy dance registration season we are often asked what the dance fees parents pay actually go towards. That is a great question! Between costumes, and tuition, dance can add up, but you want to ensure you’re getting your money’s worth. At Maples Academy of Dance, we strive to provide quality dance classes at an affordable cost. So, what do your dance fees actually go towards?

Safe Facilities

A safe facility is very important to us. Some key elements we maintain throughout the year include:

  • Proper first aid equipment, including an AED machines and a fully stocked first aid kit in case of emergency, and instructors trained in first aid who pass both criminal record checks and child abuse registry checks.

  • Our dance flooring, which helps absorb impact on a dancer’s body and creates a comfortable and safe surface to dance on.

  • Wall and portable barres to aid in the development of dance technique and skills.

  • Acro equipment for safe, injury free development of acro elements for dance.

  • Clean, clutter free floors throughout the facility.

  • Insurance to ensure the facility and everything in it is protected.

Experienced Instructors

The instructors at Maples Academy of Dance strive to provide high quality and fun dance education to their students. We work as a team to provide the best for our students. Our studio team consists of three levels of dance teachers: Senior, Junior, and Assistants (Teachers in Training).

Our Senior Teachers have multiple years of experience in both recreational and competitive dance instruction and continue to train and grow as instructors to bring the best to their students. Our senior teachers have been recognized locally and abroad for their work in dance, with many judge’s choice awards and choreography awards at competitions, but regardless of the level they teach, they strive to share their love of, and experience in dance, with all their students.

Our Junior Teachers have all gone through our 2-year teacher training program. They are highly trained in dance theory, technique, and choreography. Our Junior teachers work with our younger dancers in our recreational superstar program. They continue to grow as teachers by being mentored by our senior teachers and directors.

Our Teaching Assistants are dancers, and aspiring teachers, who are currently studying in the teacher training program at Maples Academy of Dance. The assistants work along side the junior and senior teachers to help in class, where they continue to learn the skills needed to become successful dance teachers.

value of dance

A Positive Environment

We greet all our superstars with a smile, and that is just the start! We work hard to create a comfortable, family friendly dance environment that focuses on developing each dancer as a whole. Yes, we want our dancers to develop their talent in dance, but we also aim to create an environment that allows dancers to grow in so many other ways!

Our teachers are dedicated to teaching skills like time management, accountability, team work, and creativity, while inspiring confidence and growth in each dancer. Teachers use age-appropriate and clean music, costuming and choreography, as a way to enhance the positive values we hold close. Dance isn’t just about the performance; but the performer behind it – so we want all dancers to be the best version of themselves possible.

Simple Amenities

There are some amenities we often take for granted wherever we go: Credit card payment options, washrooms facilities, cleanliness, water stations, heating and air conditioning, and even extra hair-ties and complimentary coffee and tea. Those elements are all very important to our work and to our dancers and parents comfort while at dance class, but they also have a cost attached to them - especially with hundreds of dancers coming through the space each week using all the facilities.

Extra Opportunities

Affordable add-ons can really enhance a dancer’s experience in dance. Workshops, community performances, and low-cost studio apparel all come together to create unique opportunities for dancers to get involved, make friends, and grow as dancers and people.

To Sum It Up…

When you pay for dance class, you're not just paying for your children's dance classes. You’re committing to supporting your dancer in his or her development as a confident, kind human being, in a safe and inclusive environment, will skilled leaders helping to guide them along the way as they do something they enjoy – dance! Now that’s value!

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